The Best Low Cost DIY Gifts You Can Make

Giving gifts is something that can bring a lot of joy. However, if you are on a tight budget or struggling financially, the gift-giving during the holidays and on birthdays can be extremely stressful. Not having the money you need to give the gifts you want to give can take all of the joy out of the season. Fortunately, you can give great gifts without spending a lot of cash by going the DIY route. If you are willing to put in some effort and creativity, there are a number of low cost DIY gifts that you can make for the ones you love. 

Chocolate covered everything

Chocolate can be a great gift for a variety of occasions. If you are on a tight budget, you may not have the money to purchase a box of exotic chocolates. The good news is that you can make delicious chocolate-based desserts that are sure to be a big hit for the chocolate lovers in your life. You can make these chocolate covered desserts elegant or festive with some simple embellishments. 

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Large pretzel rods are a great option for making chocolate covered treats. All you need is a package of pretzel rods, almond bark or chocolate morsels, and sprinkles. The process of making this treat is to melt the chocolate with a double boiler or in the microwave, dip half of the pretzel rod in the chocolate, lay on parchment paper, shake on sprinkles, and allow the chocolate to harden. This is a fun and delicious gift that does not cost much to make. 

Chocolate dipped Ritz crackers

You can use the exact same process outlined for the chocolate dipped pretzel rods for Ritz crackers. For an even more decadent treat you can put marshmallow puff between two Ritz crackers and dip the entire creation in chocolate. 

Handmade home decor

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves all things unique and custom, consider making some handmade home decor. The popular farmhouse style of design includes decor that looks vintage, custom, and sometimes rustic. You can make items that fit with this type of decor without spending a lot of money or even having exceptional art skills. 

Hand-lettered signs

A simple piece of old wood combined with modern hand lettering can be a beautiful addition to a home decorated with farmhouse decor. You do not have to worry about making things perfect with this type of decor – uniqueness is part of the charm. Using your own handwriting for the project can also make it more special for the loved one who gets the gift. If you do not think your handwriting is up to par for this type of project, you can get an inexpensive stencil set to help you get the lettering just right. 

Fence picket/2×4 holiday decorations

Another fun and inexpensive home decor project that you can make as a gift are fence picket/2×4 holiday decorations. For example, you can paint a snowman or a simple Christmas tree on a piece of an old picket fence or 2×4 for a charming and unique holiday decoration. If you have kids, this project can be fun to bring them in on.

DIY Gift Ideas

Fill a Goody Basket

There is a lot of fun that can happen on a night in. You can give the gift of a fun ‘night in’ to someone you love without spending a lot of money. A trip to the dollar store and a little bit of creativity can give you everything you need to create an inexpensive but unique gift. 

Movie night bowl 

Get a plastic bowl big enough to hold a bag of popcorn from the dollar store and fill it with items your loved one can use for a great movie night. A bag of popcorn, some candy, and a movie from the bargain bin at Wal-Mart can be used to make the ultimate movie night bowl. 

Spa day basket

You can purchase individual use items like facial masks, nail polish, and lotion to create a spa day basket as a gift. This is a great option for the loved one in your life that needs a little ‘me time’. 

Unique hot chocolate 

You can put together ingredients for various types of hot chocolate and create an inexpensive but enjoyable gift. Put the ingredients in a plastic bag, wrap it with a piece of ribbon, and put it in an inexpensive but cute coffee cup. 

Share the things you love

An old family recipe or a prized possession can be meaningful gifts that do not cost you a dime. Sharing an item like this as a gift could end up being more valuable to the recipient than a gift you spent a lot of money purchasing. Something as simple as writing down a family recipe on a decorative piece of paper can be a meaningful and inexpensive present. 

Low cost DIY gifts do not have to look cheap or homemade. In fact, some of the most meaningful gifts you can give are those that you spend your time making and personalizing. Take the time to think about the recipient and really consider what he or she would like to receive. Then, use the suggestions above or come up with some ideas of your own to create inexpensive but quality gifts. It is possible to give great gifts even if you are on a budget or do not have any money to spend on presents. 

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