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What Happens If You Miss A Bill Payment?

May 13, 2021

Finances or lack thereof are something that’s on Americans’ minds a lot these days. It’s one of the biggest, if not the most significant, pieces to our livelihood. In the wake of…

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How to Turn Your Electricity and Water Back On

May 10, 2021

Your electricity bill can be rather shocking. The average American home spends 115 dollars a month on electricity. That sounds like a small expense, but it can add up, especially when you…

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The Best Items To Flip For Profit In Texas

Apr 22, 2021

When you are running low on cash or have a financial goal you want to reach, there are a number of creative things you can do to bring in some extra money.…

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Pay Day in Texas: Ideas To Celebrate

Apr 20, 2021

Nothing feels better than that satisfying moment late on a Thursday or Friday night when your phone dings and a direct deposit notification from your bank illuminates the screen. It’s pay day!…

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What Is The Minimum Wage in Texas?

Apr 15, 2021

Minimum wage is a hot topic in the state of Texas and throughout the country. The conversation around minimum wage is focused on whether or not states need to increase the minimum…

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Easy Ways To Save Money For A House

Apr 15, 2021

Having big goals when it comes to your money can help you stay focused and make small sacrifices now for a bigger reward in the future. Few financial goals are bigger and…

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How To Start A New Life With No Money

Apr 15, 2021

There are a number of reasons why people have to start over in life. As we all learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some things that are simply outside of our…

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Is Paris, TX a Good Place to Live?

Apr 8, 2021
Image of Paris TX courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Paris, TX is a town in East Texas that has a lot to offer. There are unique things to do and see in Paris. And, if you are looking for a place…

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How To Save Money on Medicine in Texas

Apr 2, 2021

Most people have to take some type of medicine from time to time. A severe headache, stomach ache, allergies, or a cold can send you to your local pharmacy looking for options…

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What To Do With Your Stimulus Check

Mar 26, 2021

Just about everyone has felt the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Financially, it has caused difficulties for many people. Furlough, job loss, and a general slowing down of the economy have all…

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The Best Websites With Free Fonts, Stock Photos, & More

Mar 24, 2021

There are more options than ever before if you want to create something unique and beautiful online. You can find free photos, videos, music, fonts, and editors to develop your own personal…

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