Best Ways To Find Free Stuff Online

There are more free things and ways to find free stuff on the internet now than ever before.  But finding it without wasting your time can be difficult.

If you’re looking for “free stuff near me” today, you’ll want to use the best resources for finding it. And, of course, avoid scams and disappointments along the way.  Here are the best ways to find free stuff in your area…

Search Google for “free stuff near me.”

Many people forget that You can use Google to narrow search results to exact locations. Because Google is a search engine, it can also locate more recent postings of advertised free stuff within a more niched-down search. Including individual social media posts.

Simply typing in “Free Stuff Near Me” will yield the most current results, right from your GPS location. You can then visit all the sites within search results for more in-depth listings. 

Defining your search to more specific terms, like “free curbside furniture near me,” will generate more specific results.

If you’re feeling adventurous, start adding the names of neighborhoods or different cities close by.  Have fun with google and see what your search results generate.

Learn the Lingo

It’s important to know exactly how people are listing the items they wish to give away. Not everything will have the word free in the title or description.

“Curb Alert” is gaining popularity as a way to signal that something is up for grabs, but you gotta be quick! This means whatever free stuff there is, it’s outside on the curb or sidewalk. These listings usually have an apparent address listed, so you have to be quick.

Searching “curb alert” will yield positive results, but pay attention to time stamps. If someone posted an ad an hour ago on a Saturday afternoon, it’s likely you’ve missed the opportunity to grab something set on the curbside after a garage sale.

It never hurts to send a message to the poster, asking if their “curb alert” is still available. They might even stash the item away for you to pick up if you ask nicely.

Try Craigslist

Craigslist isn’t as popular as its preceded heyday, but it’s still a good source of free stuff.

Even though there are categories for “free stuff” with every For Sale section, you may want to look around a bit. Try the Discussions and Community categories. Many post items for free there. 

Please take advantage of the Search Bar, as it can be handy in finding specific free stuff. Use different terms, like “giving away” or “free to a good home.”

Just remember to be cautious when communicating with other users. One Craigslist scam is paying “shipping” for things that are listed as free. Please don’t do it! It’s wiser to stick to local free things to save time and money. But as with any social site, be careful.  Don’t share personal information, and always opt to meet in a safe, public place.

Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups

While Facebook Marketplace is for selling things, people often post free items as well. Like the network above, be safe when meeting people from Facebook to acquire items.

One red flag to look for is if the location for pickup abruptly changes. Or if the profile has a fake name or sketchy profile picture. If their profile hasn’t been active for very long (under a year), don’t trust them. Even if they don’t ask for money, you need to be cautious when arranging pickup.

Police stations make excellent pickup areas for free stuff. The police department will even invite people to make safe tradeoffs in their parking lots.

Utilize Groups

Facebook Groups are another excellent resource for free things online. There are entire groups dedicated to only giving something away for free, organized by location. Try searching “free stuff in _____ (“my town”) ” to find these groups.

Not only are there city-specific groups for free stuff, but groups for every hobby and activity. If you’re looking for hobby-specific free stuff, try finding local groups for that subject. Like, “Kayak Enthusiasts of Denver,” for example. Why? Meeting people with the same interests will give you access to free things within that hobby you might not find anywhere else!

Sites Dedicated to Finding Free Stuff is an incredible non-profit organization that is dedicated to the recycling and repurposing of things. Membership is free, and searches are complied by location. It’s a great way not just to find free stuff online but give your old stuff away too. And, you’re supporting a sustainable non-profit along with. is another resource. Searches are also compiled by city/town, and everything listed is for free.

Offerup has a free section as well as regular classified ads. It can be searched by location and works very similarly to Craigslist. Most classified ad sites with categories for selling items will have a “free” section as well. 5miles is another popular platform.

Sites Dedicated To Free Samples and Full-Size Products

Freeflys is an excellent site for free samples (up to full-sized products) of many different items. Unlike other places mentioned in this article, these free items come from the brand or manufacturer, not individual people.  It’s a great way to try products without purchasing first if you’re looking for something new. is exactly as advertised-free stuff! There is a huge variety of free stuff, samples, and coupons available.

PinchMe sends free samples of products in the mail, no purchase is necessary. You do need to provide feedback on the items you get, but otherwise, they’re totally free.

Garage Sales

You’ll likely see a lot of yards and garage sale listings when looking for free stuff online. Please make a note of them as you ride around getting free goodies. Many people will give away whatever is leftover from their sales. You never know what you might find!

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