Is Peacock Free? The Complete List of Free Streaming Apps

Streaming shows and movies has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms available. People around the world now have access to 24/7 entertainment and news. 

But for those who are on a budget, it can get expensive. Paying for multiple streaming services adds up eventually.

The good news is that there are some low-budget options, including the new streaming service by NBC, Peacock. But is Peacock free?

Read on to learn more about Peacock and some other free streaming apps as well.

Is Peacock Free?

The Peacock streaming service can be free! They offer a free version as well as two paid tiers that reduce the number of ads you see as the price goes up. And if you’re a Comcast customer, then you’re one of the lucky customers that get to have the premium version at no extra charge!

That means that it’s a great option for those who want access to entertainment on a budget.

What is Peacock Streaming?

Peacock is a new television streaming app created by NBC. It features a wide variety of free content as well as originals. Aside from a few select episodes, original content is going to be available only to those who pay for their subscription.

What is On Peacock?

Peacock content is going to include old titles from NBC’s vault, such as Cheers. You can also watch newer favorites such as Parks and Recs and 30 Rock. 

There are also show titles that are not specifically made by NBC too, such as Monk. British favorites like Downton Abbey and Harry Potter are also available to stream at no charge to you (if you don’t mind the ads at least).

News, sports, and game shows are also available! You might find yourself catching up on The Weakest Link or Saturday Night Live. Or maybe you’re more interested in NBC News NOW or Dateline.

For those who are willing to pay for content, you’ll get access to all Peacock original shows. That means shows like their new adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s novel A Brave New World or comedies like We Are Lady Parts. 

Paid subscriptions also get access to a lot more movies and older shows from the vault. So if you want to watch more than the first two seasons of The Office, you’re going to have to pay for it. The popular children’s movie Trolls World Tour is also available with a paid subscription.

The app features a long list of channels for every member of the family. There are channels for wrestling fans and comedy fans. Even Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel have entire channels dedicated to their shows. 

And for parents who don’t want their kids watching shows that they shouldn’t be, there’s content for your little ones too. Simply choose the kid’s profile when you log in and you can be confident that your child will be watching age-appropriate shows.

How Much is Peacock?

Peacock costs start at free and rise as you unlock more content and reduce the number of ads you see. Their free subscription includes most content that has been aired on public television before.

If you want access to Peacock originals, premium content, but don’t mind the ads, then you’re going to be in the middle subscription tier. This premium subscription costs $4.99 per month unless you’re a Comcast customer. If that’s the case, then this tier is free.

If you want to get rid of most of the ads, then you’ll have to pay $9.99 for a premium plus plan. Keep in mind that live channels, events, and some other content will still play ads while you’re watching, even at this subscription level.

Other Free Streaming Apps

If you’re looking for more content to stream on a budget, then you’re probably wondering if there are other apps out there that offer free streaming. The good news is that the answer is yes! These three apps also offer a selection of streaming for free.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel has been a great perk since the company first got into streaming devices. And now it also has a mobile app too! The best part is that it’s totally free to download and use.

Roku has been tirelessly growing its library by buying streaming rights from anyone that will sell to it. This gives it a wide variety of content from multiple studios. It’s also worth noting that it’s been producing its own content including new episodes of This Old House.

And for those who were curious about the short-lived streaming service, Quibi, they acquired its entire library after they went under. All of this content is on-demand, but it features some live channels as well.


If you’re a fan of Fox’s library, then this is the app for you. Tubi was acquired by Fox in 2020, which nearly doubled its library just last year. This app is also totally free.

This mostly features older films but is slowly getting some newer titles in as well. You can also catch up on current Fox television shows like The Masked Singer.

But if you’re looking for a wide variety of live channels, then this isn’t the app for you. Its live channels mainly feature local news stations.


Vudu is going to be the most unpredictable to use. This app is owned by Fandango, which means that movie-lovers will appreciate the vast library that it can offer. While the main focus is the pay-to-rent ad-free streaming movie streaming service, they often run monthly and weekly deals on different movies.

This includes a decent selection of free rentals with ads! This selection will be constantly rotating, so you never know what’s going to be available. You should check this section often to get a good deal for a free movie night.

And those who are avid movie-goers, Fandango will even offer an occasional free rental using your rewards!

Start Streaming for Free Today

So is Peacock free? It can be! And there are many other free streaming apps too!

If you want to stream shows and movies on a low budget, then look no further than these money-saving streaming services. They all have large libraries at no extra cost to you. So feel free to stay in and stream as much as you want!

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out our other articles for more free stuff.

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