Free Netflix for a Year? 3 Legit Methods

With the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, folks have not returned to their pre-pandemic activities like going out for entertainment or visiting movie theatres. One industry that has soared is online streaming services. At the top of the pack is the trendsetter Netflix.

Keep reading if you do not have a Netflix account or are always asking for others’ passwords. This article goes over legit ways of getting free Netflix for a year. Here’s how.

Avoid These Scams

Unfortunately, people looking to steal information or make a quick buck take advantage of the popularity of online video streaming platforms. Earlier this year, Michigan residents reported a bevy of “phishing” scams. Countless residents received a text message stating everyone is eligible for one free year of Netflix because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who thought the con was legit thought the free subscription would help pass the time. However, it was figured out when the forms linked in the messages asked for personal and banking information. It is worth noting that Netflix does not text existing or potential customers to offer deals.

The Cost of Netflix

Netflix has been scrutinized for consistently raising its monthly bill prices biannually. Their basic plan was once $8 until it jumped to $9 a month in 2019. If you want more flexibility and better quality streaming, you will pay $14 for standard and $18 a month for a premium plan. Overall, the prices have gone up by 13 to 18%.

Check With Your Mobile Carrier

A handful of popular mobile phone service providers offer free subscriptions to various media streaming platforms for TV, movies, and music. For example, companies like AT&T offer customers a subscription to HBO Max when they sign up for an Unlimited Elite plan. Verizon is a little pricer but has more deals, including ESPN+, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Apple Music.

T-Mobile has a program called Netflix on Us. It allows new and existing T-Mobile customers with Magenta and Magenta MAX cellular plans. Single line subscribers can access a basic plan, and multi-line subscribers get a standard one.

Look for Discounts Online

While this method is not necessarily a way to get a free year of Netflix, you can find great discounts online. The first way is with gift cards. Survey-taking sites and cashback apps allow you to earn money to spend on gift cards for stores, restaurants, and services.

Survey websites are free to sign up for, and you earn money or credits by answering questions, watching videos, and playing games. It is a popular option because many offers are activities people already do online or do not require much time or attention. Although, if you want to pay for a whole year of Netflix this way, it may take a while.  

A similar way of securing discounts for video streaming services is buying gift cards at a discount. Sites like allow users to sell unused gift cards for slightly less than the face value. In addition, buyers get gift cards for up to 30% off and are secured with a money-back guarantee.

Lastly, search for promo and discount codes to lower the price of the subscription. These methods can significantly reduce your bills if you are willing to invest the time and effort.

Take Advantage of Profiles

Netflix made a change to their streaming platform and gave users the ability to add profiles in 2013. Profiles enable multiple people in one household to customize their viewing experience and keep their history private. You can have up to five different named profiles on one Netflix account.

While profiles are technically made for “households” and initially intended for family members, you can set up a profile with just about anyone. However, keep in mind that all those who possess a profile use the same username or email and password login. You will have to ask a subscriber you trust and trusts you.

Depending on the plan type, basic, standard, or premium, the amount of devices that can stream simultaneously is limited. For example, the screen limit on the basic plan is one, two on the standard plan, and up to four members can watch Netflix’s original shows and movies on a premium plan.  

Do you have a friend or family member in your life willing to share their password with you? If so, you can get free Netflix for a month, a year, or longer.

Methods That Don’t Work Anymore

Unfortunately, Netflix has cracked down on methods that people have used to get free entertainment. The most common are signing up for multiple free monthly trial offers using different email addresses. The company put up safeguards by trancing customers through email addresses, financial information, and even mobile phone number.  

In 2020, Netflix actually got rid of their free trial program as a marketing promotion. It actually stops customers from subscribing to view specific programs or movies and canceling before making any payments.

Similarly, Samsung no longer entices people to buy their TVs or phones by offering Netflix for free.

Getting Free Netflix For a Year Made Simple

Getting free Netflix for a year might have been easier a few years ago, but you can still use these methods to get a subscription at a discount or no cost to you.

Your mobile carrier likely offers streaming services, and T-Mobile gives customers free Netflix plans with Magenta phone lines. Look for discounts online and use survey and cashback apps to lower your bills. Set up a profile for free, private viewing.Lastly, be careful to avoid scams offering any kinds of free services. If you want to learn more cash-saving tips, take a look at our money tips!

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