The Best Apps & Games That Pay You Real Money

Making money online sounds like a great idea – especially if you are running low on cash. However, there are so many scams online that it can be difficult to know what is legit and what is simply a waste of your time. We have compiled a list of apps and games that pay you real money. You can use what you earn to supplement your income, improve your lifestyle, or start working toward your long term financial goals like saving more money. If you are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash, consider using one or more of the options outlined below. 

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Free Games That Pay Real Money

If you love to play games online, consider finding options that allow you to earn money while you play. The way that each of these are designed can vary drastically. Make sure you understand the rules and confirm that you are able to participate in your state. 

Tetris Primetime

The new Tetris Primetime app has a competition called Tetris Primetime that pays out real money to the winners. The top winners share a prize pool of about $1,000.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings Daily Fantasy Sports is an app where you can play fantasy sports and make money when your picks do well. 

Fox Bet Super 6

Fox Bet Super 6 is a weekly contest based off of games played in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and College Football. You download the app and make predictions about what will happen in a lineup of six games. If your predictions are correct you qualify to win the jackpot of $100,000. If no one hits the jackpot, there are still thousands of dollars in other prizes available. 

Cash Back Apps That Pay Real Money

Cash back apps are a great way to earn money on things that you already purchase. There are a number of different options and you can choose the one that works with the places you already shop and offer the rewards you want. 


Ibotta is an app that gives you cash back on items you already purchase on a regular basis. You can use Ibotta when you shop for items like groceries, clothes, and even food. You can earn cash back on items that you purchase online or in store. 


Rakuten has an app and a browser extension that can help you earn cash on purchases you make every day. The stores pay Rakuten a commission when they send customers to them and Rakuten passes on part of that commission to you. Every three months you can have your earnings deposited via PayPal or sent to you as a check. \


Swagbucks rewards you for your activity online. You can earn money by shopping online, watching videos, answering surveys, etc. Payment can be in the form of gift cards or be paid through PayPal. 


With MyPoints you can earn points by shopping at your favorite stores and find exclusive discounts. And, you can get a $10 sign up bonus when you join. 


Mobee is a secret shopping app that offers participants compensation for completing secret shopping missions. These missions can take as little as one minute to complete or up to fifteen minutes. You can earn gift cards as you build up points. 


Paribus is an app that helps you find refunds that you are owed for purchases you already made. Many stores have a policy to offer refunds on the difference of an item if the price drops within a specified time after your purchase. Paribus keeps up with the changes for you and gets you the refunds you are owed. 


Drop is another cashback app that allows you to earn money on everyday purchases. You download the app, create a profile, and make your purchases at various places through the app. You build up points which can eventually be used to redeem rewards such as gift cards. 

Investment Apps That Pay Real Money

Investments apps pay you real money when you invest your money. There are a number of ways to earn money in the apps and those options vary between the various apps. You can earn money on your investments over time through each of the apps – your returns are subjective and based on how the market is doing. Other ways to earn money include referral bonuses, cash back at various retailers, and member discounts. 


The Acorns app is an investing tool that allows you to automatically invest money through recurring investments and automatic roundups. Acorns also offers cash back at some retailers which are automatically added to your investment funds. You can sign up for the Acorns debit card and make it even easier to get discounts and roundups.  


SoFi is a free investment app and suite of financial products that can help you reach your financial goals with a minimal investment. You can earn interest on the money you invest over time. You can also receive referral bonuses, member rate discounts, and deals from companies you shop at when you link up with a SoFi account. 


Robinhood is an investing app that is free to download and offers commission-free investing. There is a monthly fee for the services but you can get started investing in the app with as little as $1.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a free investing tool that has an app and a website. With M1 Finance, you develop a customized investing strategy based on your goals, risk tolerance, and timeframe. Once you have set up your investment strategy, M1 Finance automates the process to save you time and keep you consistent. 

There are a number of ways to legitimately make some extra money online. It may take some time to build up your earnings but many people are pleasantly surprised to see what they can earn throughout the year. Many of the apps allow you to earn money on the things you are planning to purchase anyway which means you have nothing to lose and, potentially, a lot to gain. 

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