5 Free Coupon Apps Like Honey That Save You Money

What Are The Best Free Coupon Apps?

Mostly, free coupon apps are used for online shopping. (At the time of this article, we learned about a few that you can use in physical stores, too.)

You can download coupon apps to your smartphone or computer. When shopping online from your computer, you will see the icon for the coupon app on your top menu bar.

The best free coupon apps will automatically scan for coupons.

Say, for example, you are shopping online at Walmart. Your coupon app may pop up on your screen to tell you it can save you 5% on your purchase today. You check to see if your other apps are offering better savings and decide to click on the first app for 5% off. 

Always check your coupon apps before making an online purchase. You may have a specific product in mind to purchase. When you check your coupon app, you could get it for less at a different store your app partners with.

Honey is one of the most popular free coupon apps.

What Is The Honey App?

Honey is a free coupon app that has been around since 2012. It was purchased by PayPal in 2020 for $4 billion. In 2019, Honey saved shoppers about $1 billion.

The Honey app has three key features to help you save money on purchases.

Honey (company) - Wikipedia

Automatic Coupons 

Have you ever searched for codes on the Internet? You find one and copy and paste it only to find out that it isn’t valid. So, you search until you find one.

Honey searches and applies coupon codes automatically for you in seconds. It can track codes on over 30,000 partner store sites.

Droplist Price Tracker

Have a purchase in mind you’re saving for or waiting for a deal? Save time and money with the Droplist feature.

In the app, you can add items to your Droplist that you want to be alerted about. If Honey detects a drop in price, you get notified. It’s like the ultimate “Honey Do” list!

Honey on Amazon

If you’re an Amazon shopping enthusiast, Honey is a coupon app you should really have on both your desktop and smartphone. When you click on a product on Amazon, the Honey app scans the entire site and compares sellers quickly for the best price. 

5 Money Saving Apps like Honey

Combining apps gives you the best shot at finding the lowest prices and applying coupons to your purchases. The following money-saving apps are similar to Honey but also have some unique features.


Originally Ebates.com, Rakuten has a solid reputation of paying cashback on purchases every three months. Each time you shop at a partnering store, the percentage of discount given will appear in a pop-up. The money saved is then deposited either to your PayPal account, or you can request a paper “Big Fat Check.”

A major drawback is that Amazon is no longer one of Rakuten’s partnered stores for earning cashback. There are over 4,000 stores that do participate.

Rakuten In-Store Network Enables Offers in Google Pay

Capital One

Capital One Shopping is a very easy-to-use coupon app and price search tool. Once you add the extension, it reliably does everything for you. Discount codes get applied immediately. 

Capital One Shopping Review - An Easy Way to Save Money When Shopping Online

Coupon Sherpa

If you’re looking to save money from both general retailers and groceries, try Coupon Sherpa. It offers printable coupons to use in-store. You can also use the app on your smartphone for scanning coupons rather than printing them.

It also offers coupon codes for special deals for online purchases. Updates get made regularly for codes. Watch for notifications on deals near you. 

Coupon Sherpa: Save More Money With While Shopping


Printable coupons! Lots of them. You can also link your store loyalty card for digital coupons you can use from your smartphone.

Coupons.com also features a cash-back program now. When you link your store loyalty card, cash gets paid into your PayPal account. For retailers that do not offer loyalty cards, scan your receipt and submit for payout to PayPal.

Check the promo codes section for daily updates on discount codes for over 20,000 participating merchants. It has a nice feature that shows how many times the code gets used reliably. 


This is an interesting shopping app. Rather than applying promotional codes or scanning coupons, you earn points (called kicks) for both online purchases and visits to physical stores. Once you earn enough kicks, you can use them for free gift cards from major retailers.

Link your credit card to get instant kicks at checkout. Or, scan your receipt and submit it, so kicks get added to your account.

It’s a fun app because you can earn points without even shopping. You can earn kicks for watching promotional videos. Under the Discovery tab, earn kicks by scanning bar codes scavenger hunt style without making a purchase. 

Shopkick - Wikipedia

Learn More Money-Saving Tips With Freestufftexas.com Every Day

Free coupon apps are legitimate ways to get discounts on your purchases. Many offer a combination of money-saving features beyond just coupons.

Even some of the oldest apps that save money are coming up with creative ways to make the app more user-friendly and fun. Being able to link to credit/debit cards and loyalty cards offers convenience for those of us who forget to scan receipts.

As with any app, you are granting access to your personal information and shopping habits. Make sure to read privacy policies to be sure that your information is protected and handled responsibly.

At freestufftexas.com, we’re always on the lookout for the most reliable ways to save you money. Check back often as we investigate and report on more free stuff regularly.

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