What Are The Best Free Trials I Can Get Online?

Free trials are one of our favorite kinds of free stuff. They let you try  products or services before committing your hard-earned money. Advertising can make goods or services seem amazing, but the reality doesn’t always match the hype. No one wants to waste money or regret a purchase, and free trials help you avoid such pitfalls. Free trials can even be a source of temporary entertainment when money is tight.

Businesses frequently offer free trials and products to first-time customers. Opening a package to discover new stuff is fun. There’s nothing wrong with using free trials, even if you have no intention of buying anything. Businesses want people to use their products. New products and services draw attention and generate interest that could lead to purchases in the future.

The sheer number of free trials available online can be daunting. Although you aren’t investing money, time is a valuable resource too. Unfortunately, some free trials can be misleading. It should be easy to cancel a subscription or service. However, dishonest businesses can make the cancellation process difficult and trick customers into paying for things they don’t want. Check out some of the risk-free offers described here. 

Birchbox Free Trial Online

Birchbox is a subscription service for beauty products. The service lets you try various cosmetics, fragrances, and skin and hair care products. You can fill out a brief beauty profile and receive a personalized box of five curated items every month.

Most items are sample or travel size, so the biggest advantage of Birchbox is the opportunity to try new products without paying the full retail price. This curated subscription may also help you find products from various brands that you may not have discovered any other way.

Birchbox offers a free trial for new customers to receive one free box of products with their first month’s subscription.

Try the World Free Trial Online

Try the World is a subscription service that lets customers try foods from around the world. Each box contains gourmet foods, snacks, beverages or cooking ingredients specially chosen by cuisine experts. Most items come from small, family-owned companies using traditional and artisanal production methods.

This subscription service is a great way to explore cuisine from various nations, cities, and cultures. Try the World offers a free trial so customers can sample one free box with a new subscription.

Atlas Coffee Club Free Trial Online

Atlas Coffee Club lets subscribers experience coffee from all over the world. Each monthly delivery includes 12 ounces of freshly roasted coffee beans, flavor notes, a unique postcard and brewing tips to enjoy your new coffee. New customers are eligible for a month of free service.

Creativebug Free Trial Online

Online learning platforms, such as Skillshare or Udemy, have become very popular in recent years. Creativebug was founded in 2012 as a learning platform dedicated to arts and crafts courses. The site is a great resource to learn watercolor painting, drawing and doodling, designing patterns for clothing, soapmaking and many more crafting and artistic skills.

The platform operates as a subscription service, so a monthly fee gives you access to the entire platform. Over 1,000 courses are divided into several broad categories such as sewing, quilting, art and design, food and home, paper, jewelry making or knitting and crochet. Categories are further divided into subcategories to find desired topics quickly.

Classes are structured as beginner’s guides, short tutorials or advanced techniques. It’s easy to find appropriate classes for your skill level. You can try Creativebug with a 7-day free trial. If you’d like more time to explore the platform,  you can also purchase your first month of access for only one dollar. 

Philo Free Trial Online

Cord cutters, those who have given up cable television, have more options now than ever before. It’s not easy to choose between the multitude of available streaming services. Luckily, free trials let you try before you buy. Philo is a streaming service with over 60 channels, and it costs only $25 per month.

You can stream content from Philo on your phone, tablet, computer or television without worrying about a cable box or contract. Philo does not offer local channels, live sports or news. which may be a dealbreaker to some people. However,  Philo may be an ideal streaming service if you don’t like sports and use other sources for news. A 7-day free trial helps you decide if Philo is worth purchasing.  

Amazon Prime Free Trial Online

Amazon offers a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime. Prime video is part of the package, and you can choose additional channels to supplement the basic Prime streaming service. Premium channels, such as Starz, Showtime, HBO and Epix, offer 7-day free trials for first-time customers.

A few other less well-known channels offer shorter 3-day free trials. The wide range of channels with trial periods can provide hours of entertainment without paying a dime. Remember to cancel subscriptions before the trial period is over.

Amazon lets you manage subscriptions and cancellations easily. You can cancel almost immediately after signing up and still use the canceled channel until the trial period ends.

Audiobooks Free Trial Online

Audiobooks.com has a library of 250,000 premium books. A free trial at audiobooks.com lets you choose 2 books from a library of  250,000 premium books as well as 1 book from VIP section. You’ll also have access to news, audio magazines, sleep and meditation content, and over 1 million podcast episodes. 

Kindle Unlimited Free Trial Online

Kindle Unlimited subscription includes over a million ebooks, magazines and audiobooks. You don’t even need a Kindle to use the service. Any Amazon device will work, but the Kindle app can also be installed on a PC or smartphone. Kindle Unlimited lets you hold 10 titles at a time, but you can return and exchange titles as often as you wish.

Amazon offers free trials of Kindle Unlimited regularly. The length of these trials depends on several factors, such as whether or not your a Prime member and other promotions Amazon may be running at the same time. A 30-day free trial of KU is almost always available for new customers.

Amazon makes it easy to track subscriptions and free trials or promotional deals, so you’ll receive several notifications when your free trial is close to expiring. Notifications can help you avoid paying for a service you don’t want when the free trial ends.

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