The 20 Best Cheap Gifts Under $20

We’ve all heard the old adage that when it comes to gifts, “It’s the thought that counts.” It’s a common saying for a reason. Meaningful gifts don’t always cost an arm and a leg. 

Whether you’re looking for something meaningful within a budget, agreed to a gift-giving limit, or simply want your gift to mean more, here are 20 cheap gifts that are truly thoughtful.

1. A Pollinator Set

Find this on for $20 exactly. This unique gift keeps on giving. If you’re giving a gift to a true gardener, this set will help them attract everything: bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Make gardening a delight with this thoughtful and cheap gift.

2. 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster

Is your loved one an avid reader? This fun poster lets your reader scratch off the image of each classic book in a list of 100 that they’ve read.

The end result is awesome looking and it will motivate even the least-enthused readers. $15 at

3. A Personalized Leather Keychain

If your friend or significant other is constantly losing their keys, get them a personalized leather keychain. They may be less apt to forget their keys if their name is beautifully engraved on a leather keychain.

These beauties come in a variety of colors and are under $20 on Amazon.

4. Coupon Book

What does your gift receiver most enjoy? Perhaps it’s foot massages, having the laundry folded, clean dishes, even quality time together. Create a “coupon” book full of coupons for their favorite things.

Let them know that each coupon can be “redeemed” for something they need or want. Hit up the craft store and you can easily create a cute or funny coupon book full of coupons for things like:

  • 5 minutes of back-scratches
  • 1 uninterrupted conversation
  • A dinner made by “yours truly”

This is one of the best cheap gifts as you can make it personal to the one you love. 

5. Kid’s Name Crayon Set

Etsy has personalized crayon sets in the shape of letters. Spell out your toddler’s name to encourage reading. $19.95

6. Nintendo Switch Online

It’s $20 for an entire year. Give this inexpensive gift in gift card form for your game-lovers.

7. Grecab iPhone Jack Splitter and Charger

Listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time. Apple’s latest iPhones don’t come with headphone jacks so this handy device is a steal for $12.95.

8. A Hydroponic Grow Kit

If you’re giving to a green-thumb wannabe, this hydroponic grow kit is perfect. You can’t kill your palm with this kit.

Once you set it up, the hydroponic grow kit lets your plant take in as much water as it needs. This means your plant won’t die from over or underwatering. 

At $19, it’s a thoughtful way to show your gardener you understand their needs.

9. Truman Set of Razors

Harry’s razors has a great set of starter razors for $15.00. The handles are weighted and the are blades high quality.

It’s a great gift for the man in your life. If he loves the razors, there’s an option to subscribe to monthly refills. 

10. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

If you’re giving to a foodie, this amazing Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is the perfect present. For $19.95, you can add an entire flavor profile to your baked items.

Creamy and mellow, velvety after-tones, this bourbon vanilla is a sweet gift, literally.

11. Airpod Case

When in doubt, go practical. If your loved one has Airpods, you can’t go wrong with a handy case and keychain attachment. Cases range anywhere from $5.99-$20 on Amazon.

12. PowerGrip Lips

This $15 pop socket attaches to the back of her phone making handling it easier. An added bonus, the lid flips open to reveal a strawberry-flavored lip balm.

13. New Phone, Who Dis?

Ready for a laugh? This hilarious game hits around $19.99 and can be found on Amazon.

Every card has a text that players must create a humorous response to. It’ll keep you on your toes and be sure to spark some funny stories.

14. Pet-Portrait Necklace

Are you giving to a pet-lover? Etsy has an array of customized necklaces with pendants displaying your fur baby’s image and name.

Just send in a photo of your pet of choice and their name. This is a great gift for those who have recently lost a pet or simply love theirs enough to wear their image around all day.

15. Woodwick Candle

These awesome candles create the sound of a real fire burning. Choose your favorite scent and enjoy the ambiance created by the delightful smells and sounds of a crackling campfire.

This thoughtful gift is inexpensive. Candles range anywhere from $7.50 to $29.50.

16. “The Giving Tree”

This classic children’s book is one of the greatest cheap gifts for kids. It’s in its 50th year of print for a reason. This classic story of selflessness by Shel Silverstein is only $17.99 on Amazon–and that’s for the limited edition hardcover!

17. A Restaurant Gift Card

Before you get up in arms that gift cards are a “cop-out” gift, think of this: to the stay-at-home mom or wife, a $20 gift card for dinner out can be a life-saver!

At the end of a hard day, sometimes the most thoughtful gift is the gift of not having to cook a meal. Find out your significant other’s favorite restaurant or fast-food joint and get them $20 to eat out.

Trust us, they’ll be thanking you.

18. A Photo Book

Have you been on a vacation with your gift receiver lately? Create a highly personalized photo book for under $20. Just hit up your local craft store, grab a photo album, some relevant stickers, and voila!

Print out your favorite images of the two of you and give the gift of a treasured memory.

19. Essential Oils Diffuser

Give the gift of zen with an essential oils diffuser like the INNOGEAR version found on Amazon. Only about $15, add your favorite oils and they will be dispersed throughout the room. 

It’s the gift of relaxation and refreshment.

20. “What I Love About You” List

This may be one of the best bargain gift ideas around for birthdays or anniversaries. Plus, you can make the gift yourself. Hit your 10 year anniversary? Make a list of 10 “What I Love About Yous.” 

Your significant other will eat it up. If it’s a 30th birthday, list 30 things you love about them. This gift is 100% free.

More Meaningful & Cheap Gifts

You can give cheap gifts without being cheap. Simply put thought and meaning into whatever you give and your loved one is sure to cherish your efforts.

Browse the Money Tips portion of our blog for more helpful how-tos.

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