Pay Day in Texas: Ideas To Celebrate

Nothing feels better than that satisfying moment late on a Thursday or Friday night when your phone dings and a direct deposit notification from your bank illuminates the screen. It’s pay day!

It’s so important to enjoy the little things in life, so when it is payday in Texas, what should you do to celebrate? Seeing your money hit the bank can make you feel like all your hard work during the previous week or two was well worth the effort. When the work week is over and payday has arrived, there is finally enough space in your schedule and money in your wallet to allow for a little bit of fun. In Texas, there are plenty of options available if you are looking for ideas to celebrate getting paid. There are options for fun on a budget and options where you can spend a big chunk of your paycheck. Keep reading for ideas around Texas to have fun and celebrate getting paid.

When Is Pay Day in Texas?

Obviously the answer varies, but Texas law stipulates that employers are supposed to pay us at least once a month, so there’s almost always at least one pay day in Texas every month!

The most common pay day schedule is bi-weekly: either every other Friday or on the 15th and 30th of each month.

It’s also common to get a pay day every week in Texas, which often lands on a Friday.

Lately, there are even services like Chime that allow you to get your pay day early, so maybe your pay day is a random Wednesday!

Celebrate pay day with live music and great food

Live music and great food are two things that you can find in abundance throughout Texas. From country music and barbeque to cover bands and pizza, Texas has it all. Two of the best places for live music and great food are located in East Texas. 

Best Places For Music And Food In East Texas

Redbone Magic Brewing Company in Texarkana is a brewery, pizzeria, and live music joint with a twist. On the weekends you can listen to live music and drink one of the unique brews created on site. The menu includes a wide variety of brick oven pizzas along with unique creations that you will only find at Redbone Magic Brewing Company. If you are lucky, you will also get to see a little magic during your night out. The owner of Redbone Magic has a few tricks up his sleeve that he is willing to show off to customers. 

1304 Texas Blvd, Texarkana, TX 75501

Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ in Tyler is a restaurant and bar that serves up barbeque and unique menu items to people who come from all over Texas. Some of the unique items you will find on the menu include the Ex-Wife, the Brother-in-Law, and the Mother Clucker. Stanley’s has live music on the weekends that you can enjoy along with your food. If you want drinks on your night out, Stanley’s has the largest selection of whiskey in East Texas along with a variety of local brews. Stanley’s is touted as the ‘Friendliest Bar in Texas’ and is a great place to check out when you are celebrating payday. 

525 S Beckham Ave, Tyler, TX 75702

Celebrate pay day by going two-stepping tonight

If getting paid has you feeling light on your feet, go two-stepping tonight. There are some fun spots around Texas where you can go to dance and celebrate getting paid. 

Places to go two-stepping in Texas

Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth is famous for being the ‘World’s Largest Honky Tonk.’ Billy Bob’s regularly hosts the biggest names in country music. The dance floor at Billy Bob’s is open every day and night. You can take a date or group of friends and celebrate getting paid by dancing the night away at this iconic institution. While you’re there you can also play pool, ride the mechanical bull, and explore country music memorabilia. 

2520 Rodeo Plaza Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Cowboy’s in Tyler is a country western nightclub where you can go to dance, eat, and celebrate getting paid. Cowboy’s is open Thursday through Saturday and offers live music, full-service bar, appetizers, pool tables, and country dance classes. 

8374 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX 75703

Celebrate pay day by exploring a new town

Checking out a new town can be a great way to celebrate getting paid. Texas is full of special towns to explore with each one offering something unique to discover. If you live in East Texas, you do not have to go far to find a new town worth exploring. 

Paris, TX is a town in East Texas that has some unique features to explore. Paris shares its name with a famous city across the world in France. One of the most famous structures in Paris, France is the Eiffel Tower. Paris, TX decided to capitalize on this connection and create a replica of the Eiffel Tower especially for Texas. As part of your celebration, you can check out the Eiffel Tower of Texas and explore the charming downtown area for a meal or some shopping. 

McKinney, TX is a suburb of Dallas that has a lot to explore. You can have a slice of pie at the world-famous Emporium Pies and spend the day checking out downtown McKinney and the cultural district. There is plenty to do in McKinney if you are looking for daytime activities or nightlife.

Celebrate pay day with animals

If you love animals, exploring the wild side may be the perfect way for you to celebrate getting paid. Texas has some of the best animal safaris and zoos in the country. If you live in East Texas, some of these places are right in your own backyard. 

Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary is a 173-acre animal preserve and wildlife sanctuary in Tyler, TX. If you love animals, it is a great place to go and enjoy after getting paid. There are over 40 rescued big cats and other endangered species housed at Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is designed to help animals that have been abused, neglected, or displaced. When you visit Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary you can enjoy seeing exotic animals while supporting a worthy cause. 

17552 FM 14 Tyler, TX 75706

Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari is a 300-acre preserve located near Jacksonville, TX. It is a wildlife park that houses over 24 species of exotic and endangered animals. You can celebrate getting paid and enjoy watching exotic animals from the comfort of your vehicle.  

There are plenty of ways to celebrate getting paid in Texas. You can have a night out on the town with great music, food, and dancing at one of the many excellent establishments around Texas. You can explore a town that you haven’t been to before and discover a new favorite getaway. If getting in touch with nature sounds like a fun way to celebrate getting paid, you can see some of the most beautiful creatures in the world close to home. It is finally payday in Texas and there are plenty of ways for you to celebrate. 

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