7 Money-Making Skills To Learn Without Leaving Home

Are you looking to start a side hustle, get back to work after taking time off, or completely switch careers? It can be exciting to dream about making progress toward your financial goals and following your career aspirations by starting something new. The big question is, what skills do you have that provide money-making potential? If you’re coming up short on an answer for that question there is no need to worry because there are a number of money-making skills that you can learn without ever leaving your house. 

Learn Baking Online

Baking is a skill that can be used for much more than wowing your family at Thanksgiving. If you develop professional level baking skills you can make some serious money on the side or full time. In the state of Texas it is legal to have a home food business. The laws that govern this type of business are called ‘Texas Cottage Food Law’. If you want to learn a new skill from home and work from home after you have mastered that skill, baking is a viable option. 

There are a number of ways that you can develop your baking skills from home. You can start with a low tech option like buying and reading cookbooks and training guides on baking. To get you started, check out the book titled How Baking Works. Baking is a science. The ingredients you use in baking react to each other and to elements such as temperature. This book – and other books on the science of baking – will help you develop a firm foundation in the process and eventually be an important part of recipe creation. 

You can also take online classes on baking to learn this valuable skill. Udemy is an online teaching platform that offers courses on a wide range of topics. If your goal is to bake and sell cookies, you can take a course on that specific genre of baking.Take some time to read reviews of the various baking classes available online to find the options that will provide you with the most value.  

Writing From Home

Writing is a money-making skill that you can learn and do from home. One of the easiest types of writing to get into is online writing. Every word that you see on your favorite websites and blogs were written by someone. Companies are willing to pay skilled writers to create content for their websites and blogs on a consistent basis. You can also learn to write online ads and social media posts for pay. Fiverr is a website where people go to find freelancers of all sorts – including writers. Fiverr has a library of courses available to help you develop your skills as a writer. You can then become a seller on Fiverr to find clients or explore other ways to get hired as a writer online. 

Learn Coding From Home

Coding is a skill that you can learn from home and make good money doing once you have the necessary training. The application for a skill like coding is seemingly endless. You can develop coding skills that lead to job opportunities in website creation, user interface design, user experience design, and much more. A great place to start learning about coding is online at Code Academy. Code Academy is a platform that provides free training in coding completely online. When you first go to the site, you can take a quiz that helps you determine which area of coding is a good fit for you. Then you will receive personalized recommendations on where to start your training. As you advance, you can also get certified for various programming ‘languages’ such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and Python. Getting specific certifications will improve your chances of getting hired once your training is complete. 

Learn Sewing Online

Sewing is another skill that you can acquire from home and use to make money in the future. Like baking, you can start your learning in a low tech way with sewing. You can start with a guide such as School of Sewing to learn all of the basics. 

There are also online courses available to teach you how to sew and even how to start your own business with your new sewing skills. One online course platform that offers sewing classes you can take from home is called Skillshare. Skillshare offers classes on a wide range of subjects. For sewing help, check out the course Sewing for Selling: Small Batch Production for Home-Based Business

Learn Bookkeeping Online

Bookkeeping is a money-making skill that you can learn at home. Many companies hire bookkeepers to help them manage the flow of money in and out of their business on a regular basis. A bookkeeper does not deal with issues like filing taxes (that is handled by a Certified Public Accountant) but rather helps keep financial records updated and accounts balanced. You can get started learning about bookkeeping for free from The Accounting Coach which is a website dedicated to teaching bookkeeping and accounting concepts. There is also a paid version of the website that offers even more resources. If you want to earn a certificate in bookkeeping and increase your chances of getting hired, consider a paid online program from a university or career training program like the U.S. Career Institute

Furniture Refinishing and Repair

Are you looking for a money-making skill to learn that involves using your hands? If so, consider learning how to refinish furniture. This is a skill that you can learn from home and do primarily from home after you develop your skills. Take a look at the DIY University which is a resource created by the Family Handyman. The DIY University offers a wide range of courses on all sorts of projects including furniture repair. You can also check out the Furniture Refinishing Studio website to gain access to a long list of furniture refinishing and repair tutorials. Once you develop furniture refinishing and repair skills you can transform pieces of furniture and sell them for a profit. 

Learn Graphic Design Online

Graphic design is a skill that you can learn from home and a career that is often done remotely. You can start learning your graphic design skills by taking tutorials on popular design software that you will use in your future career. The Adobe suite of products – Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign – are all commonly used by graphic designers. You can take free tutorials online for these products and take paid online courses for a more in-depth overview. You can also build a solid understanding of the graphic design process by going through the free graphic design resources provided by Duke University. Once you develop your graphic design skills, you can work as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr or look for an in-house design job at one of the many companies that have a regular need for new design. 

If you are looking to develop a new skill so you can make some extra money and move toward your financial goals, consider learning one of the skills outlined above. You can learn any of the seven skills outlined above without leaving the comfort of your home.  

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