The Best Free Easter Images, Printables, and Activities

It’s that time of year again…hearts and roses give way to easter eggs and tulips, and spring is finally in the air. Green buds on the trees, playful butterflies, and blooming flowers can bring a sense of hope after a long, cold winter – and Easter is a great kickoff for the coming season! Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids or a cheery new wallpaper for your phone, there’s something to provide fun for everyone in these free Easter images, printables, and activities.

Websites With Free Easter Images

License-Free Stock Photo Website With Easter Images and are platforms that allow you to download high-definition photos free of charge. That alone is amazing on a normal day, but is absolutely fantastic when it comes to free images and wallpapers for special occasions. Brighten up your home screen or desktop with any one of these free Easter photos that can be downloaded and used as you wish. Bonus – you’ll have the opportunity to spread some love by sending a quick shout-out to the photographer that chose to share their art with the world!

Quick Links To Free Easter Photos

Free Photos For Easter Cards & Invitations

Canva is a great resource for anybody who needs to design any kind of card, invitation, or anything similar. Canva offers free Easter design templates, plus lots of free Easter icons and Easter photos to fill out your design without paying for graphic design software or expensive stock photos. Fotor is a fairly similar service that allows you to make Easter cards for free.

Quick Links To Free Easter Designs & Photos

The Best Free Easter Printables & Crafts

The Best Free Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues Online

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Have your little ones hop from clue to clue and keep them entertained even longer! 

Tips For Making Scavenger Hunts Fun

Kids will love finding their Easter basket after the final clue, or will enjoy other creative treats if the hunt isn’t actually on Easter day. For older kids, consider a free pass to skip a chore they normally have to do or a basket of their favorite snacks. For younger children, think in terms of small treats that are still tons of fun, like slime or putty. Once the hunt begins, get ready for the many photo ops there will be during the hippity-hoppity fun!

Quick Links To The Best Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Encourage your kids (and even adults!) to tap into their artistic side with these free printable coloring sheets – grab some markers, watercolors, or a handful of colored pencils and put on some classical music to let the creativity flow. 

Pro-tip: this free Easter music playlist really sets the mood when spring is in the air!

Coffee Filter Flower Baskets

These colorful flower “baskets”  at can be made with items you probably have lying around the house. All you’ll need to get started are coffee filters (2 different sizes), watercolor, a paper cup, floral wire (or something similar), adhesive, a shallow dish, and ribbon. This craft is easy enough that the kids can help with several of the steps – they’ll love watching the dye creep through the coffee filter when it gets wet! Use the final product to add a splash of color around the house or as a fun centerpiece on the table for Easter lunch.

Plastic Easter Egg Maracas

Try these plastic egg maracas if the kids are in the mood for yet another fun, free Easter craft. Disclaimer: Depending on what you put inside, these have the potential to make a lot of noise…so choose wisely! (Or be sure you have a great hiding place when maraca-time is over!) Track down some leftover plastic eggs from last year and fill them with rice, beans, beads, or any other tiny objects you might have around the house. From there you’ll just need some colorful washi tape and plastic spoons to create a fun Easter instrument. Put on some upbeat music and host an Easter-maraca dance party in the living room!

Free Easter Activities & Events

Easter Bunny-Hop Races

If you’re looking for a way to burn off some energy with the kids, use eyeliner to turn them into little bunnies by drawing a triangle on their nose and some whiskers on their cheeks. Give each child an old pillowcase and line up for a bunny-hop sack race across the yard!

Community Easter Egg Hunt and Car Show in East Texas

If the novelty of crafts and coloring has worn off and you’re ready to get out of the house, head to the Community Easter Egg Hunt and Car Show from 9 am to 4 pm on April 3, 2021. This event will be held in Tyler and is hosted by the Local Business Networking Community – it will be a great opportunity to see some cool cars and enjoy the spring air. As plans may change due to weather or Covid precautions, be sure to visit the event website and check the LBNC Facebook page for updates.

Host Your Own Easter Extravaganza!

It probably won’t come as a surprise that many events in 2021 are scheduled tentatively – instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that your favorite Easter concert or community egg hunt happens, why not plan your own family fun? Check when the next sunny day will be so you can include some outdoor activities as well.

Progressive stations with different activities at each are a great way to keep active children interested and moving. For example, position the following stations in different areas of the house and yard:

Station 1: Easter Coloring Pages

Station 2: Easter Bunny-Hop Sack Race

Station 3: Plastic Egg Maracas Craft

Station 4: Dance Party with Maracas and Music

Stations 5: Easter Scavenger Hunt

To minimize your time spent planning, set up the stations listed above, add some tasty treats to refuel between activities, and… voilá! An afternoon full of free Easter fun!

Remember to download free photos for your phone and desktop wallpaper to get in the spirit for Easter entertainment. With the right inspiration and a little prep work of printing and gathering supplies, you’ll be ready for a variety of fun activities that won’t cost you a dime. Whether you want to stay in with the family, venture out, or invite friends over to participate, there are plenty of free activities to celebrate Easter and enjoy the onset of spring! 

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