How To Have Fun With No Money In East Texas

East Texas is full of charming cities and towns that have a lot to offer when it comes to having fun without spending a lot of money. No matter what part of East Texas you find yourself in, the chances are that there is a nearby town that offers parks, free museums, and unique attractions that you can enjoy without spending money. Read on to learn about how to have fun with no money in the East Texas towns of Tyler, Paris, and Texarkana. 

The Best Ways to Have Fun in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of paid entertainment such as movie theaters like Studio Movie Grill and entertainment centers like Times Square Grand Slam. Unfortunately, the cost of going to those types of places can quickly add up – especially if you have a family. If you are on a tight budget but want to find some fun in Tyler, TX, there are some options. 

The City of Tyler Rose Garden (420 Rose Park Dr., Tyler TX 75702) has the largest public collection of roses in the United States on display. You can visit the rose garden for free and walk amongst more than 32,000 rose bushes. This is a free and enjoyable way to enjoy some of your time in Tyler, TX. 

The City of Tyler, TX has a long list of city parks, trails, and dog parks. No matter what area of town you choose to stay in you will find options for getting outside and enjoying the beauty that Tyler has to offer. There are parks geared toward kids such as The Children’s Park (110 E Dobbs St Tyler, TX 75701) and parks geared to hiking, biking, and enjoying nature such as Windsor Grove Park (415 S. Lyons Ave Tyler, TX 75702). Admission to all of the city parks is free so you can enjoy yourself without spending any money. 

The Best Ways to Have Fun in Paris, TX

You can see some of the sights and experience the culture of Paris, TX without spending much money. The town shares its name with a more famous Paris located in France. Paris, TX has a fun way of playing up the connection between the two very different places. You can see a 70 ft. tall replica of the original Eiffel tower near the Love Civic Center (2025 S Collegiate Dr, Paris, TX 75460)  in Paris, TX. To add to the uniqueness of this site, there is a red cowboy hat sitting on top of the Texas Eiffel Tower. You can visit the tower for a photo op and take some time to explore the area on foot. 

Take a hike or ride your bike down the Trail de Paris. Enjoy the scenery, try and identify wildflowers, or work to get in your steps with a brisk walk or run. The Trail de Paris is free to enjoy and has much to offer anyone who enjoys time outdoors. 

Paris, TX also offers a number of inexpensive or free options for fun if you are interested in local history. The Lamar County Historical Museum (1015 W. Kaufman Paris, Texas 75460) is full of artifacts from the area dating back to the earliest days of Paris,TX. Admission is free so you can have some fun learning about local history without spending any money. 

The Best Ways to Have Fun in Texarkana, TX

Texarkana, TX is a unique town because it sits on the border of Texas and Arkansas. If you want to have some fun with this unique element of Texarkana, you can visit the State Line Post Office and Federal Building and straddle the state line so you are in two states at one time. It won’t cost you any money to take advantage of this unique photo op in Texarkana. 

You can also find some fun – and a little culture – for little to no cost in Texarkana. The 1894 Art Gallery is an art gallery opened for both viewing and purchasing. You can see new pieces every week in the beautiful 1894 City Market Building (105 Olive St. Texarkana, AR 71854). 

Second Saturday Trade Days is an open market event that takes place in historic downtown Texarkana. This event is free and is full of vendors offering things such as crafts, artistry, antiques, and pieces you can purchase and repurpose. The event itself is free so you can spend a Saturday sifting through unique treasures without spending a dime. If you find something you love, chances are you can get a great deal on a unique find. 

There are a number of parks in Texarkana, TX that you can enjoy for free. Pack a picnic and head over to Bobby Ferguson Park for a relaxing Saturday lunch. Or, pack up your fishing gear and spend some time fishing at Bramble Park. If you have a dog, you can enjoy some time together at JefFURson Dog Park. All of these options are free and have the potential for big fun in Texarkana, TX. 

Texarkana is also a town full of history and puts that history on display in places like the Four States Auto Museum (217 Laurel St Texarkana, AR 71854), Ace of Clubs House, and the P.J. Ahern House (403 Laurel St Texarkana, AR 71854). Entry into the museums around Texarkana are either free or for a small donation. 

Whether you are for fun and inexpensive things to do as a couple or with your kids, East Texas has something to offer. The beautiful nature and temperate weather of East Texas makes it a place where there is never a shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy for free. If the Texas heat ever gets a little too hot, there are also options for indoor fun that do not have to cost an arm and a leg. The rich history of the East Texas area is well-documented and freely shared by many of the towns in the form of museums and carefully preserved homes. If you are looking for fun in East Texas – and do not want to spend any money – you are in luck because Tyler, Paris, and Texarkana are local towns that offer plenty of free fun. 

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