How to Sell Your Stuff for the Most Money

If you are looking for a way to make some quick money, take a look around your home. Do you have jewelry in your dresser drawer that you never wear? Are there unique vintage items or collectibles in your home that you are willing to part with? Do you have name brand or high end clothing that you no longer wear? If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then you have the opportunity to sell your items and put some extra cash in your pocket. But before you schedule a garage sale and practically give away your items, consider selling them on a platform that will give you the most for your items. 

How to sell your watches and jewelry for the most money

If you are looking for a way to get some serious cash by selling your old stuff – take a look inside your jewelry box. You may have valuable watches, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are sitting there collecting dust. If you have high-quality pieces then you can turn them into cash. 


Worthy is an online jewelry auction site where you can sell your high-quality pieces. The process of selling on Worthy is easy and can provide excellent results. The first step of the process is to describe your piece. On the Worthy website it will walk you through the description so you are sure to include all of the information needed to make a decision on your piece. Once you have gone through the description process you will schedule a time for your piece or pieces to be picked up. Worthy uses a secure shipment process that insures your item against being lost up to $100,000. Once the piece arrives, it will be inspected and prepared for auction by expert gemologists. Then, your piece will go to auction and you will get paid once the process is complete. Selling on Worthy gives you the opportunity to get the most for your jewelry because it is sold in an auction setting – instead of selling them to a pawn shop or on consignment at a jewelry store. 

How to sell your vintage items and collectibles for the most money

Do you have some vintage items in your house that you have thought about selling? Have you ever wondered if those collectables passed down from your grandmother have any value? Do you have sports memorabilia, toys in mint condition, or other collectibles that you are willing to part ways with for some extra cash? Before you put these things out in your next garage sale for just a few dollars, consider looking into a couple of websites that can help you get top dollar for your vintage and collectible items. 


You may know Etsy as a place online to purchase custom and handmade items. Did you know that it is also a popular place to find unique vintage items for sale? If you are looking for vintage furniture, clothing, toys, or kitchen items you can find them on Etsy. Many people who are on the search for unique vintage items turn to Etsy. You can make money on this site by posting your own vintage items. There are fees associated with selling items on Etsy – listing fee, transaction fee, payment processing fee, and sometimes an offsite ad fee. However, connecting with a buyer who loves your item and is willing to pay a premium is a way for you to make the most amount of money for your item – even with the fees.

Neatstuff Collectibles

Neatstuff Collectibles is a website designed to help you sell collectibles and memorabilia. On the website, Neatstuff Collectibles states that they are the top buyer of collectibles in the world. This means that this website is a great place to connect with people who may be looking for the unique items you have to sell. This site will purchase your collectibles such as sports memorabilia, comic books, toys, and movie memorabilia directly from you. The process involves filling out an online form or making a call to the number listed on the website. If Neatstuff Collectibles is interested in what you have you will work with them directly to coordinate the purchase. 

How to sell your name brand clothes for the most money

Do you look at clothes as an investment? If so, you may have a closet full of name brand and high end clothes that you can sell for cash once you are done wearing those items. You are not going to get much money if you put your clothes in your next garage sale but there are some websites that can help you get the most for your name brand and high end clothing. 


Poshmark is a popular online clothing platform that allows you to sell a wide range of brands. You can list clothing from places that range from Target to Louis Vuitton. For lower priced items (under $15.00) Poshmark takes a flat rate and takes a 20% commission for everything that sells for over $15.00. You can list clothing for women, men, and children as well as household items on Poshmark. 

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a website on which you can sell on trend items as well as vintage clothing items. The focus of this website is on high end clothing, shoes, and handbags. You will find designers like Chanel, Gucci, Anthropologie, Coach, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton for sale on Vestiaire Collective. If you have invested in high end clothing, shoes, and handbags then consider using Vestiaire Collective as a platform to sell those items for the most money. The people who are looking for items on this site are specifically seeking out high end items. This means you are not going to have to deal with people who expect to spend pennies on the dollar for high quality pieces. The process of selling on Vestiaire Collective involves downloading the app, uploading pictures and information, shipping the item to Vestiaire Collective for inspection and authentication, and then getting paid. Vestiaire Collective pays out up to 80% of the purchase price which is a higher ratio than many of the other online selling platforms you will encounter. 

How to sell your kid’s clothes for the most money

Many of the online clothing resale platforms allow you to list adult items as well as children’s clothing. If you find an online platform that you like for selling your clothes then look into the option of selling your kids’ clothes as well. In East Texas, there is also a great physical location to sell your kids’ clothing. It is called the CCC Sale and it is one of the go-to options for people who are looking to get the most for their kid’s clothing. 

CCC Sale

The CCC Sale is a huge consignment sale that happens in Tyler, TX twice a year. It provides families throughout East Texas with the opportunity to sell and purchase children’s clothing. Many families in the area stack up clothing for the CCC Sale throughout the year so they have a significant pile of clothing to sell. The sale draws in thousands of shoppers who are looking for high quality children’s clothing that is in good used condition. You are in charge of how the clothing is listed which means you do not have to sell it for a price that you think is below value. Another big perk of selling in the CCC Sale is that you get tickets to go in and shop the sale before it is open to the public. You can earn money by selling your kids’ clothing and save money by shopping used. 

The Secret to Selling Stuff For The Most Money

Before you throw away items in your home or schedule your next garage sale, consider finding a platform where you can make money online by selling items directly to the platform or posting things for sale. The list above includes some of the places where you can get the most money for the items you sell.

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