Fun Ways To Save Money Even If You’re On A Budget

Saving money is an important part of taking care of yourself, planning for your future, reaching goals, and enjoying your life. You need to take practical steps like reducing your expenses and increasing your income. If you have struggled to save money in the past then it may be time to take a different approach. There are fun ways to save money and easy ways to save money if you take some time to look at the options. Whether you are looking for fun ways to save an emergency fund or simple ways to save money for vacation, check out the list below for ideas. 

Turn saving money into a game

One of the fun ways to save money is to turn the process of saving into a game. There are some interesting options for making the process of saving money a game. One option is to get a coin bank that is fun to use. For example, there is a Plinko coin bank available on Etsy that takes the beloved game from ‘The Price is Right’ and turns it into a fun way to save your spare change. If you have kids, they will love dropping in the coins and watching the path they take down the board. You can also play money saving bingo with an easy printable that includes various dollar amounts in a collection of squares. The total of all the squares add up to a goal amount – $10,000 for example – and you can choose the highest amount you can afford to save each week. Turning the process of saving money into a game can keep the process interesting and help you stay on track. 

Create a vacation jar

If you are looking for ways to save money for vacation, consider making a customized trip jar. You can purchase customized jars online that include decals with info about the trip you are planning to take. For example, you can get jars customized to help you save for a trip to disney. There are a couple of ways to get a customized trip jar to help you save for vacation. First, you can make your own using something as simple as a mason jar and stickers. Cut a hole in the lid of the jar that’s big enough for coins and cash and purchase stickers to label the jar. You can go simple and get letter stickers from a craft store or have customized stickers made from a site like Etsy. Another option is to order a customized trip jar from an artist – the options are only limited to your imagination when it comes to getting a customized vacation savings bank or jar. 

Take a money-saving challenge

Some people thrive when they have a challenge to participate in. If you love a good challenge, then turn your money-saving goals into a challenge. There are endless ways to create a challenge around the process of saving money. You can take the $1,000 in 30 days challenge, the 52-week savings challenge, or any combination of timeframe and dollar amount. Another money-saving challenge idea is to have a no-spend week or month. Challenge yourself to only spend money that is required to cover your bills and basic needs. It can be fun to see how long you can go without giving up an extra dime. Putting a timeframe on your savings goals can make it feel easier to sacrifice because you know that it is not going to last forever.

Keep a visual reminder 

Sometimes saving money is mostly about spending less. If you struggle to control your spending you can make it more fun by putting a reminder of why you are trying to save inside your wallet. For example, you can put a picture of the place you want to go on vacation in your wallet so you see it each time you go to grab your debit card. Other ideas include putting a picture of the type of puppy you want to buy, the car you want to drive, or the type of house you would like to purchase. Some banks allow you to customize the graphics on your debit card. You can take this idea to the next level and have a picture of your reason for saving put on the debit card. Carrying a visual reminder of why you are trying not to spend money can help you stay motivated when you are tempted to make an unnecessary purchase. 

Put money-saving reminders around your house

Everyone needs reminders from time to time to help them stay on track with their goals. If you want to save money long-term, it will help to put money-saving reminders around your house. You can have fun with this process with an item like a coffee mug that encourages you to save money by being anti-social

Track your savings in fun ways 

Another idea on the list of ‘fun ways to save money’ is to find unique ways to track your savings. If you want to save for a puppy, get a puppy savings tracker that lets you color in a dog bone each time you save a certain amount until you finally reach the puppy. You can get  

stickers for your planner that allow you to keep up with the amount you save week in and week out. If you do not want to purchase a savings tracker because you are on a budget, you can simply draw a big thermometer and track your savings in that way. Getting creative with your savings tracking can help make saving money more fun. 

Saving money does not have to be a dull and difficult process. There are fun ways to save money that you can explore to make the process more interesting. There are also easy ways to save money for every personality type. Whether you like to play games or thrive off of a challenge, there is a money-saving option that will work for you. Get creative with the way you save money and you will find that there are easy ways to reach your goals.

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