How to Make $100 In a Day

Can I Make $100 in a day?

Can I Make $100 In A Day?

Finding steady work in East Texas–or anywhere–is more difficult than it used to be, but Texans still need money to take care of themselves and their loved ones. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to make $100 in a day to help meet your expenses, the answer is: yes, you can earn $100 or more in 24 hours! Here are several options to help you make $100 in a day.

Make $150:

Be a Fake Juror For a Day

While no one wants to be called for jury duty, signing up to participate in ‘mock juries’ can help with cases in your area while making up to $150 in a day – complete with a free lunch! You’ll typically be called into a place like a local hotel conference room, listen to the cases and closing arguments of both sides, offer your verdict, and then get sent home with a check for your time. You can apply to be on a mock jury at Sign Up Direct, but there are also online mock juries available that pay less and can be more unpredictable for your schedule. 

Make $200:

Become a Mystery Shopper

It is possible to get paid for going shopping! By becoming a mystery shopper, you can be paid to visit stores and restaurants and grade them on their customer service. You’ll have to keep your receipts, answer surveys, and report to your company, but in doing so you’ll be able to earn up to a couple hundred dollars a month and receive free products and rewards. While it won’t be your main income, it can be a good way to make extra money and help pay for extra expenses. Bestmark and Sinclair Customer Metrics are two options if you’re interested in mystery shopping.

Make $100:

Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

If you have any old furniture, art, or other items lying around, it is easy to pull up the Facebook app on your phone and list them for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Snap a picture and you can have it for sale within minutes. Depending on what you are selling, you can easily make $100 or more in a day. For the best price and fastest sale, take the picture in good lighting and provide a detailed description. You can also sell on websites like Craigslist.

Make $100:

Walking Dogs

For the pet lovers of the world, you can sign up on websites like Rover to walk dogs or dog sit for pet owners via services like Pawshake. You can set your own rates and once you’ve picked up clients, you can make $100 in a day by walking several dogs or making drop-in visits for dogs that need attention and time outside. With time, you can pick up steady clients and make consistent extra income by working with animals.

Can I Make $100 Every Day?

Some of these options are great when you for making an $100 in a pinch, but you might not be able to do them every day. You’ve only got so much stuff to sell on Facebook Marketplace, after all. Is it possible to make $100 dollars every day? Yes, if you’re willing to work hard it’s possible to earn $30,000 a year or more using the methods below!

Make $100 a Day:

Helping with ‘Tasks’ In Your Area

You can sign up on websites like TaskRabbit to become a ‘tasker’ in your area by helping with jobs like moving, cleaning, or home repairs. If you are a handy person, picking up ‘task’ work like this can be a great way to earn extra money. But even for those without much experience with tools, there are still delivery and personal assistant jobs available. With the ability to set your own rate and make your own schedule, this can be a flexible way to make that extra money you need. 

Make $100 a Day:

Become A Rideshare Driver 

(& Get a Signing Bonus!)

While you probably know that driving for websites like Lyft or Uber can be a way of earning money, did you know that Lyft offers signing bonuses for new drivers? By signing up to drive for Lyft with a referral code, you can earn between $100 and $1000 as a new driver. You’ll get the signing bonus and a new side gig to help you make extra money on your schedule. Sign up and fill out your application carefully and do your research on current referral codes to make sure you get the best possible offer.

Make $100 a Day:

Delivering Food

If the thought of driving people around makes you uncomfortable, you can always sign up to deliver food for websites like UberEats or DoorDash. Whether you have your days free or just evenings and weekends, this can be a good, flexible option to help make some extra cash. With the ability to choose what jobs you’ll take, this option can work with your schedule during the times you need the money.

Make $100 a Day:

Renting out Your Car

If you don’t use your car everyday, renting out your car can be a good way to make money. Check out websites like getaround or HyreCar to see if your car can qualify and you might be able to make passive income for the days you don’t need your vehicle. These companies usually come with insurance to protect your car in the case of accidents, but be sure to check out their policies before you start renting.

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