How To Save Money on Medicine in Texas

Most people have to take some type of medicine from time to time. A severe headache, stomach ache, allergies, or a cold can send you to your local pharmacy looking for options that will provide you with relief. There are many people who also take medications regularly for chronic conditions. Whenever you go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication or find something for your latest illness it can be surprising to discover how much those medicines cost. Those costs can add up over time if you regularly use some type of medication or have members of the household who need vitamins, occasional medicine, or have regular medications. In fact, it can be downright shocking to see some of the prices for medicine and medication. Something like an expensive medication has the potential to derail and tight budget and keep you from moving forward with your financial goals. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can save money on medicine in Texas. Options like GoodRx, GoodRx Gold, ScriptSave WellRx, Blink Health, and pharmacy reward programs can all be used to save money on medicine in Texas.

What is GoodRx? 

Potential savings: $2,000+ per year

GoodRx is one of the most well known medicine and prescription savings programs around. GoodRx has an app that you can download and search for the lowest price on over-the-counter medicine as well as medications. As long as you have the details of your medication you can get an accurate quote on what it will cost at the various pharmacies near you. The price difference can be significant. For example, we did a search for a prescription acne cream called Benzamycin at pharmacies in East Texas. It costs almost $300 retail at most pharmacies, you can get a discounted price of $105.79 at CVS through GoodRx or you can go down the road ten minutes to Wal-Mart pharmacy and get the same exact prescription for $30.57. The difference between $300 and $30 is significant and all it took was a little time exploring the price differences on the GoodRx app. GoodRx is known and accepted at most major pharmacy chains and many independently owned pharmacies. You can call ahead and let the pharmacy know that you are using GoodRx or simply show the app when you go to pick up your prescription. Some pharmacies automatically check for savings through GoodRx to provide customers with the best price. If you already have your prescriptions set up at a pharmacy it is worth your time to check their prices through GoodRx. You may find that you can save significant money each month by switching pharmacies. The process of switching is simple and can usually be handled by the pharmacy you want to switch to.

Can You Benefit from GoodRx Gold? 

Potential savings: An average of $106.00 PER PRESCRIPTION!

GoodRx Gold is a paid membership that you can get through GoodRx. The discounts you can get through GoodRx Gold are even deeper than many that you will see on GoodRx. The people that can benefit the most from a membership with GoodRx Gold are those who take two or more prescriptions. The cost for a GoodRx Gold membership is currently $5.99 per month for individuals and $9.99 per month for families up to five people. You can get a 30-day free trial of GoodRx Gold to help you determine if it will save you money based on the medications you take.

What is ScriptSave WellRx?

Potential savings: $1200.00 plus per year

ScriptSave WellRx is a program similar to GoodRx. You can save up to 80% on prescriptions at over 65,000 participating pharmacies. You can visit the website or download the app to search for the lowest price on your medicine in your area. It is possible to find deeper discounts on certain medicines through ScriptSave WellRx when compared to GoodRx. The reality is that both apps can provide you with savings. It is a good idea to have both and search your medications through both apps to find the best deal near you.

What is Blink Health?

Potential savings: $1200.00 plus per year

Blink Health is also a medication discount program but it works a little differently than GoodRx and ScriptSave WellRx. You order your prescriptions online through Blink Health to get the discounted rate. Then, your prescription will be filled at a local participating pharmacy. In some areas you can get free delivery of the prescription and in others you will have to go and pick the prescription up once it is ready. 

Other ways to save money on medicine

Other options for saving money on medicine in Texas include joining the pharmacy’s loyalty program, using your medical insurance, and taking advantage of programs put out by the drug manufacturers. The pharmacy you use may have their own discount options that provide you with similar savings to the ones outlined in the programs above. If you have medical insurance you may find that you can get the best rates on medicine through your insurance. Another option is to look for manufacturer discounts for the medications you are taking. Some manufacturers have programs that allow patients to get their medication at a deeply discounted price or even for free. 

What will save you the most money on the medicine you need? 

In order to get the best savings available you will need to take a little time to explore several different options. If you regularly take one or more medications, you can save hundreds of dollars every month based on the discount program you choose. Take a little time to enter in your medications to the apps outlined above so you can see the price differences. Choose the lowest and then check out the prices offered through pharmacy loyalty programs, insurance, and manufacturer discounts. This process should not take long but it has the potential to save you a significant amount of money. 

What’s the secret to saving money on medicine?

Sometimes medicine is a necessary part of feeling your best and living a healthy life. The benefits you can receive from taking the right type of medication can outweigh the monthly cost that comes along with it. However, there is no reason for you to pay more than you have to for your medicine. The various discount options available for medicine in Texas means that most people can find deals on the medications they take regularly. Spend less on the medicine you and your family need and use those savings to work toward other financial goals such as paying off debt and saving money. 

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