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Money Tips for normal people in East Texas and beyond! Free Stuff Texas shares easy tips from the pros at Freddy’s Fast Cash for finding, making, and saving money.

How To Save $1000 Yearly on Electricity Bills

August 18, 2020 |

The summer heat is no laughing matter and the heat can lead to a serious spike in your electricity bill this time of year and require you to come up with creative ways to save electricity. During the summer, it’s often impossible to make it without an air conditioner, so your bills can soar as…

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Moving To Texas With No Money: A Guide

August 11, 2020 |

Texas is a popular destination for Americans in search of a new home. Each year thousands of new residents move into Texas from out of state. Texas has no state income tax and the cost of living in Texas is much lower than many other states, but it’s not free! If you’re struggling to make…

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A Guide to Finding Roommates in East Texas

July 8, 2020 |

A good roommate can open the doors to more housing options while a bad roommate can be an absolute nightmare. If you’re wondering how to find a roommate in Texas, here are some ways to go about it.

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How to Make $100 In a Day

July 3, 2020 |
How To Make $100

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to make $100 in a day to help meet your expenses, the answer is…yes! Here are several options to help you make $100 in a day.

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How to Make Money Online in East Texas

June 17, 2020 |

Life in East Texas can feel pretty uncertain right now. Many of us are looking for that little bit extra to help us stay on our feet. Making money online is a great way of either working from home or for just making that little bit of extra spending money to have on hand. Whatever…

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How To Start A Business With No Money

May 5, 2020 |

Starting a company and owning your own business is the foundation of the American dream, but it’s difficult, it’s stressful, and yes – it’s expensive. You might think you need an M.B.A. and a stack of cash to make it happen, but it’s actually possible to start your own business without using any of your…

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Fast Cash In East Texas: 5 Ways To Make Money Before Payday

May 5, 2020 |

An unexpected expense can be an emergency if you’re one of the many Texans living paycheck to paycheck. In these circumstances, borrowing money should be a last resort. The quick cash infusion will make life easier right away, but the interest payments and fees can make the situation more stressful down the road. Instead, consider…

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